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Kelley M. Skeff, MD, PhD 
Georgette A. Stratos, PhD 



Background:   The Stanford Faculty Development Center (SFDC) was established in 1985 to disseminate faculty development programs for improving teaching and delivery of care to medical teachers across the country.  Over the past 26 years, the SFDC has played a significant role in national and international efforts to improve medical education through delivery of faculty development curricula by peer-trainers.  SFDC programs have been disseminated at local, regional, national levels in over 18 countries.

Curricula:  The curricula offered by the Center have focused on subject areas with critical importance to medical training.  Primary leadership teams for each program are listed below.

Current Program

Previous Programs

Training Model:  Using a train-the-trainer model, the Center conducts month-long facilitator-training courses to prepare selected physician faculty with the knowledge and facilitation skills to deliver faculty development training to other teachers at their own institutions.  Once trained, the facilitators serve as long-term in-house faculty development resources for their institutions.

Extent of Dissemination
To date, 355 physician faculty from 149 institutions (affiliated with 65% of U.S. medical schools) have been trained as facilitators.  They, in turn, have trained over 15,000 medical faculty and residents in local, regional, national, and international settings.

Training Impact
Evaluation of these training programs (through self-report and content tests) consistently demonstrates positive effects on participants’ knowledge, skills and attitudes.  Participants highly recommend the training to their colleagues.

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