General Medical Disciplines In the Department of Medicine (Formerly General Internal Medicine and Family & Community Medicine)

Seed Grants

In order to facilitate development of research among CEs in the Division, in 2011 we reserved $15,000 per year to fund up to three annual research awards. These awards are to be used to defray costs of research training (for example to participate in a CTR intensive course in clinical research or, if appropriate research skills can be demonstrated, to fund pilot research work.  The application process is as follows:

CE faculty in DGMD at any faculty level, active in any unit of the Division (e.g. SIM, SFM, Hospitalists, VA, PC) are eligible to apply. Affiliate CEs are not eligible under this award because this can only be funded through Stanford under present rules.

Award Fund
Up to $5000 may be requested. It can be budgeted for a course fee, travel costs, offsetting practice costs (e.g., lost of RVUs for participation), or in the case of a pilot research proposal, some costs associated with the project such as research assistance, data related fees, sample analyses etc.

Application Process
A one-page application form can be found here. It should be completed electronically and returned to Mak Koknar. Applications are accepted on a rolling-basis and are first-come, first-serve.

Award Process and Selection Criteria
The Chief, in consultation with DGMD research colleagues, will determine awardees on an ad hoc basis. The major criteria for the award will be our rating of the likelihood the proposed activity will enhance the candidate’s ability to initiate a research project in the foreseeable future based on the training or pilot work funded.

The content of the proposed activity must be broadly relevant to the mission of DGMD and/or Population Health, but the specific area of focus or interest is irrelevant for this decision; it should be something the candidate wants to study.

After notification, the Division Chief will work with the Division Administrator and the Chief of the awardee’s unit to work out the practical issues related to the award.

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