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Global Health

Global health research is a growing field that attempts to capture the health and economic consequences of policies and behaviors that affect the lives of individuals living in resource-limited settings.  The increasing emphasis on HIV/AIDS in the developing world has led to an explosion of data and research that combines epidemiology, health economics, and operations research geared to understanding the causes of disease and the relationship between policies, economics, and health. 


Bendavid in Uganda, 2009

Led by Eran Bendavid, MD, MS, the division of GMD will take a leading role in expanding the research mission of Stanford’s Global Health Program, including research mentorship and collaborations with institutions in resource-limited settings.  Bendavid is an infectious disease physician and an Assistant Professor in the Division of General Medical Disciplines.  He brings tools of health policy analysis to questions of importance in global health and infectious diseases.  His past research includes cost-effectiveness of HIV care in Africa, modeling interventions for reducing HIV and TB disease burden, and evaluating United States policies and programs that affect health in developing countries. 

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