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Stanford Coordinated Care

Stanford Coordinated Care (SCC) is open and ready to receive referrals for patients who work at Stanford (both University and SUMC).

SCC is a new team-based program on campus – made up of physicians, licensed clinical social workers, physical therapists, care support nurses, patient care coordinators, and patient navigators, who help people with complex chronic conditions avoid health care emergencies and misadventures, feel better, and take control of their health.

SCC is now accepting referrals for Stanford employees (and their dependents) who don't have Kaiser as their health plan and who fit the description of a person struggling to manage their chronic conditions (see below for examples):

The program has two levels of care:

  1. Primary Care + - patients who temporarily transfer their primary care to our team in order to optimize care integration and support (recommended model)
  2. Chronic Care Support – care support provided  by an RN care manager or licensed clinical social worker with physician oversight

Referrals can be made either via Staff Messaging to us within EPIC, using the referral module within EPIC, emailing us  (no Personal Health Info please) or by us calling at 650.724.1800.

As SCC is designed for patients with more complex needs, we will need to evaluate them for eligibility prior to accepting them into the program. We will keep you informed about your patient's progress, both in regards to enrollment and ongoing care. 

We are located at the following address:

1101 Welch Road, Suite A1
Palo Alto, California 94304-5776
Tel: 650.724.1800
Fax: 650. 736.2550

We appreciate the opportunity to partner with you and your patients.

We've got your back!

Alan Glaseroff, MD, Director
Ann Lindsay, MD, Co-Director

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