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Family Medicine Newsletter:

Issue 11, August 2013 Read » 

Pooja Loftus receives Department of Medicine July 2013 Employee of the Month Award Read »

GMD Faculty recognized with 2013 Teaching Awards


Errol Ozdalga, MD and Charles Liao, MD are both recipients of the David A. Rytand Teaching Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching.

Poonam Hosamani, MD is the recipient of the Arthur L. Bloomfield Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Clinical Medicine.

Erika Schillinger, MD is the recipient of the Lawrence H. Mathers Award for Exceptional Commitment to Teaching and Active Involvement in Medical Education.

Stanford Team wins Innovation Poster Competition


William Daines, MD and Lisa Shieh, MD presented a poster on SEPTRIS at the Hospital Medicine 2013 National Conference. Read More » 

Donna Zulman, MD received one of the three Milton W. Hamolsky Junior Faculty Awards. Read More »

Preetha Basaviah, promoted to Assistant Dean of Pre-Clerkship Education 03.28.2013

Congratulations to Dr. Basaviah!

Read More »

Recipients of 2012 Teaching Awards


Donna Zulman, MD and Kathleen Kenny, MD both are the recipients of the GMD Teaching Awards for 2012. Congratulations to them both!

New Article in BMC Public Health on CV Disease and Type II Diabetes in Bangladesh


Mark Cullen with others published an article in BMC Public Health on CV Disease and Type II Diabetes in Bangladesh: A systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Studies Between 1995 and 2010. Read the Article Here »

Susan Frayne, MD, MPH receives Boston University 2012 Distinguished Alumni Award


Susan Frayne received her undergraduate training from Pomona College and her MD from University of California, San Diego.  She completed her residency (Internal Medicine) at the University of California, Irvine, and... Read More »

Preventative Drug for HIV 05.01.2012

Eran Bendavid with Margaret Brandeau, Jessie Juusola and Douglas Owens recently published an article in the Annals of Internal Medicine on the use of a once-a-day pill to prevent HIV infection and reduce the rate of spreading AIDs.

You can read more about this article, here.

GMD Welcomes New Faculty 08.30.11

Theresa Greco
Crystal Smith-Spangler
Jordan Firestone
Steven Asch
Sumbul Desai
Sandry Trieu
Steven Goodman

IN THE NY TIMES! Examining the Evidence: A Systematic Review of the Inclusion and Analysis of Older Adults in Randomized Controlled Trials by Donna Zulman 08.29.11

d_zulmanRead the article here »

Arnold P. Gold Foundation Clinical Associate Professor 07.18.11


Stephanie Harman, MD has been selected as an Arnold P. Gold Foundation Clinical Assistant Professor. Congratulations to Dr. Harman.

Puffer/ABFM/IOM Fellow 07.07.11


Sean David, MD has been selected as the 2011-2013 Puffer/ABFM/IOM Fellow. Read More »


Arthur L. Bloomfield Award 07.02.11


Neera Ahuja, MD has been awarded the Arthur L. Bloomfield Award in Recognition of Excellence in the Teaching of Clinical Medicine.


Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation Award 06.15.11


Eva Weinlander, MD has been awarded the Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award.



DGMD Welcomes 06.13.11

Mark Cullen, MD has been awarded a Woods Institute Environmental Venture Project (EVP) together with Konstantin Vodopyanov, PhD, DSc and Lynn Hildemann, MS, PhD to research the rapid assessment of human exposure to airborne persistent organic pollutants. 06.07.11

eran_bendavidEran Bendavid, MD, MS has been awarded a Woods Institute Environmental Venture Project (EVP) together with Jenna Davis, PhD and Roz Naylor, PhD to investigate the linkages between water, food and health in rural African settings. 06.03.11



2011 SGIM National Award for Scholarship in Medical Education given to Preetha Basaviah, MD 03.10.11

Preetha Basaviah, MD will be awarded on May 6th at the Medical Education Innovations Session at the Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.


Kelley Skeff, PhD, MD Elected Regent for ACP 03.09.11


Kelley Skeff, PHD, MD has been elected by the American College of Physicians as a 2011-2012 Regent

Stephanie Harman, MD as New Program Associate sharmanProgram Director 03.09.11


Stephanie Harman, MD, Directorof Palliative Care will be joining the Internal Medicine Residency Program as the New Associate Program Director.

Congratulations to Jeffrey Chi, MD for jchibeing one of two inaugural Rathmann Family Foundation Fellows 03.09.11


Jeffrey Chi, MD has been selected as one of two inaugural Rathmann Family Foundation Fellows in Patient-Centered Care.



California SGIM Clinician Educator of the Year Award 11.17.10


p_basaviahPreetha Basaviah, MD is the winner of this year's SGIM Clinician Education Award for her outstanding work in medical education and her many contributions to SGIM. Congratulations, Dr. Basaviah!

2010 DGMD Teaching Award Winners 11.17.10


vj_periyakoilVJ Periyakoil, MD - Clinical Associate Professor





n_ahujaNeera Ahuja, MD - Clinical Associate Professor




Faculty Promotions:


-- Yusra Hussain, MD - Clinical Assistant Professor

-- Jeffrey Chi, MD - Clinical Assistant Professor

Eran Bendavid, MD, MS -- Paper Chosen as One of the Top Three CER Manuscripts 10.14.10


e_bendavidBendavid's paper on "Comparative Effectiveness of HIV Testing and Treatment in Highly Endemic Regions" was chosen as one of the top three Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) Manuscripts for National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) for 2010. Bendavid's paper will compete with all the institutes. Congratulations to Dr. Bendavid!

GMD Welcomes New Faculty:


-- Umer Malik, Clinical Instructor

-- Swaroopa Bussa, Clinical Instructor

eCampus Geriatrics Featured on Scope SoM Blog 10.11.10

This was led by VJ Periyakoil, MD, Director of Palliative Care Education and Training at Stanford.

Eran Bendavid, MD, MS received seed grant from FSI 09.29.10

e_bendavidBendavid received a grant to fund the project: "Explaining and Improving United States Global Health Financing" through the FSI Global Underdevelopment Action Fund. Learn more »


Julieta Gabiola, MD to receive ACP Award for Volunteerism 09.27.10


Dr. Julieta Gabiola is the recipient of the American College of Physicians (ACP) Northern California Chapter's Faculty Award for Volunteerism. The award will be formally presented at the November ACP Conference in San Francisco. This award is based in part on her dedicated work leading an annual Philippines Medical Mission.

This January Dr. Gabiola led a successful medical mission to Iloilo, Philippines, which was attended by the president of the Philippines and several cabinet members.  A group of 70 volunteers consisting of faculty physicians, community physicians, dentists, surgeons, and nurses from Stanford, Kaiser, Seton, and Mills Peninsula, served a village with a population of about 60,000 people and saw 4,700 underserved patients in three days. These patients did not have access to care. About 500 minor and major surgeries, 1,000 dental extractions, and 2,500 eye examinations and refractions were performed. Internist and pediatricians saw about 1,500 patients. Blood glucose and blood pressure screenings were also performed. In addition, an active educational program was implemented.  This active educational program has paved the way for a new research project focused on hypertension and diabetes prevention in the Philippines.  The project is slated to begin in November 2010.

Dr. Gabiola plans to make another trip to the Philippines in January 2011 for the next medical mission. If you are interested in participating in this mission, please feel free to contact her by email.

GMD Welcomes New Faculty 08.01.10

Sandra Tsai, Clinical Instructor of Medicine

Kavita Ramchandran, Palliative Care

GMD Welcomes New Faculty 07.01.10


Sandra Tsai, Clinical Instructor in SIM


Arnold Milstein, Director of Stanford's New Clinical Excellence Research Center

vjperiyakoilVJ Periyakoil, MD & eCampus CancerPEN team presents the latest online module "Talking about Resuscitation Preferences" by Dr. Robert Arnold. Visit the eCampus website for full list of modules and more information.




p_basaviahPreetha Basaviah, MD, Clinical Associate Professor in GMD is the recipient of The Lawrence H. Mathers Award for Exceptional Commitment to Teaching and Active Involvement in Medical Student Education.





Kelley Skeff, MD, PhD and Georgette Stratos, PhD recently published "Methods for Teaching Medicine" as part of a 6-Book Set 04.30.10


You can read more about what the book offers as well as purchase it by visiting the ACP website »

New Leadership for Medical Executive Committee (MEC) 04.09.10




Mary Goldstein, MD, MS, received the 2010 Under Secretary's Award for Outstanding Achievement in Health Services Research, which is the highest honor given to a VA health services researcher.

Publish in Journal of General Medical Disciplines (JGIM) 04.05.10


The Journal of General Medical Disciplines (JGIM) is interested in publishing a greater number of high quality systematic and narrative reviews. Clinical, educational, and research topics are all fair game, but the subject matter should be germane to General Medical Disciplines. Further information on JGIM reviews »

Prestigious Rosenkranz Grant of $100,000 has been awarded to Eran Bendavid MS, MD ebendavid03.25.10


Bendavid will be working on investigating the benefits of money spent on HIV and malaria programs in sub-Saharan Africa and whether or not it has improved the overall health of children and their mothers. Read more about this project »


Bendavid was recently recruited to General Medical Disciplines as an Instructor and also works closely with The Office of Global Health at Stanford.

He researches the effect of global health policies on health of individuals in developing countries. Some of his past research includes cost-effectiveness of HIV care in Africa, modeling interventions for reducing HIV and TB disease burden, and evaluating United States policies and programs that affect health in developing countries. 

DGMD Award of $5,000 received by Maja Artandi, MD m_artandi03.19.10


Maja Artandi, MD has been awarded $5,000 to support her Preceptorship in Obesity Medicine.



Award for Continuing Medical Education (CME) 03.08.10



As part of the $3 million gift from Pfizer, a project by Stanford Palliative Care directed by VJ Periyakoil, MD was selected to be supported through the first year of funding. The Selection Committee headed by Robert Jacker, MD, Associate Dean for CME and Professor and Chair of Otolaryngology determined that one of the projects that should be funded is Stanford Palliation Education Network Competency based Communication Training and Evaluation (SPCCTE). Congratulations to the Palliative Care team! To learn more about other projects that were funded under the Pfizer Gift, please read the Dean's Newsletter »

Palliative Care Program Helps Patients in Making palliative End-of-Life Decisions 02.09.10







GMD Welcomes New Staff 02.01.10


Sepideh Modrek, MA, PhD, smodrekPost-Doctoral Scholar will be working closely with Mark Cullen, Chief of the Division of General Medical Disciplines on Research pertaining to Occupational Health.

Stanford leads American Medical Mission in Philippines 01.24.10




Julieta Gabiola, MD leads Stanford in Medical Mission at the General Hospital of the Western Visayas Sanitarium and Leprosarium at Brgy. Read More »

GMD Welcomes New Faculty / Staff 01.07.10


Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Grant 01.07.10 cbraddock


Clarence Braddock , MD, MPH received a $1.1 million research grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Read More »


Association of Progam Directors in Internal Medicine (APDIM) Award 11.13.09kskeff

Kelley Skeff , MD, PHD received the APDIM Award for a distinguished 20-year career as PD.


Isaac Stein Award for Compassion in Medicine 09.30.09



Stephanie Harman, MD received the Isaac Stein Award for Compassion in Medicine. Read More »

2009 Hewlett Award Recipient 09.28.09 dstevenson


David K. Stevenson, MD


MGRs: 11.04.09| 8:00 - 9:00 AM| Braun Auditorium

2009 Kovitz Professorship Lecturer 09.26.09 vquag


Vincent Quagliarello, MD


MGRs: 10.14.09| 8:00 - 9:00 AM| Braun Auditorium

Christopher Sharp, MD discusses his expertise in EPIC 09.15.09csharp

Sharp, once a chief resident in medicine at SHC, offers some thoughts — and tips — for physician colleagues about where SHC and clinicians stand in the transition from paper to EHR.

VAPAHCS is recognized as top performer in Women's Veterans' Health Care 08.15,09 womenva

Patty Hayes, MD, Chief Consultant, Women Veterans Strategic Health Care Group, traveled from VA headquarters today to present VA’s first, and right now only, Clinical Excellence in Women’s Health Award to the VA Palo Alto Health Care System. 


“When the Secretary asks for an example of an outstanding women’s health program, I tell him VA Palo Alto,” said Dr. Hayes. “When Congress asks where they can see the best women’s health program in action, I tell them to go to VA Palo Alto." Read More »

Mark Cullen, MD Gives Grand Rounds 07.29,09



The Social Determinants of Chronic Disease


MGRs: 07.29.09| 8:00 - 9:00 AM| Braun Auditorium

Congratulations! 07.15.09


The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation Award for Excellence in Preclinical Teaching:


Preetha Basaviah, MD, Clinical Associate Professor


The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching:pompei







Peter Pompei, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine





Lars Osterberg, MD, MPH, Clinical Associate Professor

GMD Welcomes New Faculty 07.01.09

2009 DGMD Teaching Award winnners 06.25.09




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