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What is SHIELD?

The Stanford Healthcare Innovations and Experiential Learning Directive (SHIELD) is a collection of elective courses that answer the call from the Transforming Medicine Education (TME) initiative for patient-centered, authentic, early and sustained clinical experiences starting from day one in medical school. "TME goals: To create compelling educational experiences designed for the contemporary learner, that inspire physician leaders & scholars in biomedical science & the design & delivery of patient-centered care."

Our VISION is to engage future Stanford physicians to transform healthcare delivery today.

Our MISSION is to design, test and disseminate programs that promote "value-added medical education" where powerful early experiential learning experiences add value to patient care. Our big, disruptive idea is to change the culture of clinical education from one where students are seen as a hindrance to productivity, to one in which our students become essential, valuable parts of the interdisciplinary team.

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Program Overview

Number of students: 21 (May 2014-2015)
Current locations:

SHIELD overview

Curriculum Overview: Click here for course descriptions of each program below.

SHIELD chart

Shared Program Training and Didactics

Health Coaching Workshops – Training on providing Health and Wellness Coaching
Motivational Interviewing - Person-centered counseling style for addressing the common problem of ambivalence about change 
Medication Reconciliation – Patient-centered approach to sorting out and making sense of patients’ prescriptions and other medicines
Leadership Training – Including quality improvement and practice management

The SHIELD program is possible due to collaborations and partnerships with the following organizations:

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