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Residency Program

The Family Medicine Residency Program, under the direction of Robert Norman, MD, is located in the inner city of San Jose at the O'Connor Hospital about 30 minutes from Stanford. San Jose is the largest city in Northern California, and the Residency is the only one in a diverse metropolitan area of over two million people.

 Developed in 1977 by William Fowkes, MD, Stanford Professor Emeritus, the Program has six residents in each of three years of training and is well supported by its host hospital. There are 132 graduates, nearly all in active family practice, one-third in urban San Jose, and many working with underserved populations. There are nine physician faculty spending substantial (over 50%) time teaching in the residency. They have special interests and backgrounds in epidemiology, sports medicine, geriatrics, clinical ethics and HIV. The program also has part-time faculty in other specialties (pediatrics, ob/gyn, surgery and psychiatry). In addition, the residency supports a full-time behavioral scientist, a social worker and PAs who function both as faculty and clinicians.

The residency program support an accredited Sports Medicine Fellowship directed by Michael Henehan MD. Two fellows are accepted each year. The faculty also staffs the student health services at Stanford University's Vaden Health Center, San Jose City College and Evergreen Valley Colleges which are used as teaching sites.

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